Auslandspraktikum 2014 in Brighton

Sie sind alle wohlbehalten zurück, unsere 27 Kaufleute aus den Ausbildungsberufen der Bürokaufleute, Kaufleute für Bürokommunikation, Industriekaufleute sowie Kaufleute im Groß- und Außenhandel.

Auslandspraktikum der Kaufleute in Brighton

Die Begeisterung für Brighton war wie immer groß und vier Wochen bestes Wetter mit viel Sonnenschein ließen fast Urlaubsstimmung aufkommen.

Aber: natürlich wurde auch gearbeitet. In Betrieben der Medienbranche, bei Reiseanbietern sowie einer Hotelvermittlung, einer Vermietung von Tonstudios und Musikinstrumenten, Wohltätigkeitsorganisationen und natürlich im Großhandel. Anbei der englische Bericht eines Schülers über seinen Arbeitsplatz bei Oxfam.

One day - of a journey full of joy

Folks you know what, to write down a summary of just one day will never give you an impression of what we have experienced. But that was the task and I hope you will like it.
Every day started in the same way. Going down the stairs and having a delicious instant coffee in the kitchen. I wanted to go down to the city for a real coffee after that one very fast. Without a doubt, the coffee machine in our house was the worst experience ever…because there was none. BUT to be honest, that was the one and only bad thing on the journey.

However, the next task was not that far away. You had to catch the bus. Be attentive because otherwise the bus won’t stop! You have to wave to stop the bus. Saying “Good morning, bus driver” and “thank you, driver” when leaving the bus was irritating at the beginning. Everybody was absolutely friendly. That was a good feeling all over. Let’s go back to the important facts about that one day.

Florian Wilke und seine Kollegen bei Oxfam

I worked for ‘Oxfam’ which is a famous charity organization in Britain. My day at Oxfam started at 10am. I checked the shop floor in the morning having a look for things we could change. Filling up the clothes rack and changing some of the displays were my tasks every morning. After that I worked on the till. That was quite interesting because I met so many different people. I spoke to nearly every customer and gave them a hand if they had any question. After a few hours of work I went down to the beach to have my lunch break. It only took me five minutes to go to the beach. When I came back to the shop I went directly into the back office to handle some work there. I had to take care for the ‘weekly report’ which was an Excel sheet. I had to put in every sale we did the past day.

My day ended at about 4pm. After a short ride with the bus I was back home and talked a little bit with my host mother and the other two students about the experience we made that day. Dinner was at 6pm nearly every day. That gave us the chance to make plans for the evening and/or the night….

Florian Wilke, GA12 (Kaufleute im Groß- und Außenhandel)
Brighton 2014


Berichte: work experience von Elisabeth Jokuszies (Palmer and Harvey) [PDF, 215 KB]
                    work experience von Anja Brandau (British Heart Foundation) [PDF, 128 KB]
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                    work experience von Charlene Niessen (Murray Media) [PDF, 212 KB]
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