Digital and print media designer

Job profile

Job profile:

Media designers are responsible for the design and development of customer-oriented concepts that form the basis for the production of print products of all different kinds (leaflets, books, posters, etc.) as well as non-print products such as websites and multimedia products. They also work on the realisation of these goods.

The job options are versatile. Digital and print media designers work in industry and in the craft trades sector. They find employment with marketing communication agencies, design studios, print and media companies, media service providers, publishing houses and the marketing and communication divisions of companies and public institutions.

Profile of skills and competences

Profile of skills and competences:

  • plan production processes independently and as part of a team
  • design elements for media products
  • import, produce, transfer and convert files for multiple usages
  • combine media elements
  • prepare media elements for different media and for release on different media
  • coordinate work results with the customer