Management assistants for wholesale and foreign trade 

Job profile

Job profile:

Their fields of deployment are the procurement of goods in Germany and abroad, the resale of such goods to retailers, to craft trade companies and to the industrial and service sectors and the provision of goods-related services.

European management assistants for wholesale and foreign trade are able to work in facilities, administrations and companies which work in various industries. They do not just support the internal procedures of a company with their work but also contribute to proceedings within the European co-operation between businesses. Management assistants in wholesale and foreign trade offer business-related services and are responsible for purchasing national and international goods and selling them to trade, craft, industry and service sectors.

The training is specialized in the two disciplines wholesale and foreign trade.

Profile of skills and competences

Profile of skills and competences:

  • sell goods, service and customer support packages, and calculate sale prices
  • secure quality standards
  • observe the market and assess sales opportunities
  • identify sources of supply, assess offers and procure goods
  • make use of product knowledge
  • plan and conduct procurement and sales negotiations
  • inform and advise customers
  • deal with complaints
  • develop and implement marketing measures
  • process customer orders and payments and assess credit risks
  • evaluate key indicators and statistics to monitor success and use this information to develop measures
  • plan, manage and monitor logistics processes for goods inwards, warehousing and goods out
  • select and deploy logistics services
  • record goods inwards, monitor stock levels and carry out inventories
  • carry out foreign currency calculations including foreign exchange futures
  • apply foreign trade and customs legislation regulations and international trade clauses
  • conclude international transport agreements and apply payment conditions specific to foreign trade transactions
  • process documentary transactions
  • make use of information in other languages and provide information in a foreign language / correspond and communicate in a foreign language