Retail management assistant

Job profile

Job profile:

Retail management assistants inform as well as advise customers and sell all kinds of goods. Furthermore, they work in purchasing and warehousing and operate the electronic cash and storage systems. They take on business management tasks in accounting and per¬sonnel. Sales assistants take part in the arrangement of the assortment and marketing campaigns. They mostly work in the sales room. In the office, they determine what and how many goods are needed and order them mainly by phone, do booking and maintain stock lists. Other tasks are dealing with complaints and checking conditions of delivery and payment.

Profil of skills and competences

Profile of skills and competences:

  • sell goods and services
  • inform and advise customers and offer customer service
  • make use of product knowledge
  • are involved in developing the product range
  • arrange and present goods in the sales area
  • are involved in sales promotion activities
  • check and maintain product stocks
  • operate the till and calculate the till balance
  • are involved in accepting and checking products
  • label and store products
  • determine which and how many products are needed
  • procure goods
  • are involved in the company's logistics processes
  • analyse sales statistics to monitor success and use this information to develop measures
  • are involved in planning and organising work processes
  • plan staff assignment in their own field of activity
  • are able to work in a team, in a customer and process-oriented way, using their customer service skills
  • use information and communication technology