Industrial management assistant

Job profile

Job profile:

European industrial management assistants are not just able to support the internal procedures of a company but also to contribute to proceedings within the European cooperation between businesses. A placement abroad for several weeks expands the students’ occupational experience in Europe. They can work in industrial enterprises in various departments like accounting and procurement, in the field of production management, industrial marketing, and human resources.

Profile of skills and competences

Profil of skills and competences

  • sell a firm's products and services
  • carry out marketing activities, from the analysis of market potential to customer service
  • advise and support customers
  • determine the demand for products and services, purchase materials, means of production and services and plan their use for the production of goods and services or their marketing
  • support the process of order handling, for example in the production of goods and services and logistics
  • deal with business management subjects in all functions of a firm (financing, investment, profitability, cost planning, analysis and tracking, etc.)
  • deal with accountancy operations
  • analyse statistical data for profit monitoring and the management of operations
  • use instruments for personnel recruitment and personnel selection, plan personnel deployment and
  • deal with personnel administration tasks
  • plan and organise work processes
  • use foreign language documents, correspond and communicate in typical situations with customers in a foreign language
  • work in a team, process and project-oriented manner, using current information, communications and media technology
  • have communication, cooperation, presentation, problem-solving and decision-making skills.