Warehouse logistics expert 

Job profile

Job profile:
Warehouse logistics experts work in industrial companies, in trading and forwarding companies and for other logistics service providers. Their scope of work covers all activities related to warehouse logistics.

Profile of skills and competences

Profile of skills and competences:

  • assist in logistics planning and organisational processes
  • accept goods and check the delivery on the basis of the accompanying documentation
  • transport and forward goods to the company destination
  • unpack, sort and place goods into storage as required and in an efficient manner, observing the warehousing system
  • carry out stock takes and stock maintenance measures
  • stock pick and package goods for delivery and compile goods into loading units
  • label, mark and secure deliveries in accordance with statutory stipulations
  • produce load lists/loading plans according due consideration to loading guidelines
  • load and stow deliveries in means of transportation in accordance with the
  • accompanying documentation and applying the regulations regarding the sealing of deliveries
  • process dispatch papers and accompanying documentation
  • assist in developing route schedules
  • plan, organise and monitor the use of equipment and means of conveyance
  • use company information and communications systems, standard software and workstation-specific software
  • communicate and cooperate with upstream and downstream functional sectors
  • use specialist professional foreign language skills
  • assist in the implementation of quality assurance measures