Office Manager

Job profile

Job profile:

Office managers with European special qualifications can work in institutions, administrations and companies in various fields of business. Their skills are versatile – including commercial and administrative works, organisational responsibilities and accounting as well as wage and salary administration, general correspondence, issuing invoices, observing receipts of payments and reviewing questions about taxes and insurances.

They work in offices, accounting departments, finance and human resources departments as well as warehousing, distribution, purchasing departments and consignment.

Profile of skills and competences

Profile of skills and competences:

  • organise, coordinate, carry out and reflect upon office management,
    project and order related processes
  • cooperate and communicate with internal and external partners
  • research, prepare and present data and information, draw up written documents
  • organise and document customer relationships
  • handle procurement processes
  • support and document human resources related tasks
  • use booking systems and accounting instruments
  • comply with data protection and data security
  • carry out quality assurance measures
  • accord due consideration to legal stipulations