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Dresden is a cosmopolitan town with famous sights and a vibrant cultural scene. Because of its continuous economical growth and a multitude of scientific institutions the Saxon capital has developed into one of the top ten business locations in Germany.

Thanks to the numerous companies in the field of microchip technology Dresden is called the European Silicon Valley.

About us

About us

The Academy for Vocational Education and Training Ltd. (non profit) (AFBB) is a specialist in vocational education and training in Germany and in particular the German Dual System. Since it was founded in 1995, AFBB has trained thousands of students and helped them to successfully enter the job market. Today AFBB offers a broad range of training options that always consider market orientation. It has become well-known for its quality and practical relevance.

The apprenticeship service department supports the students in their search for an appropriate training company where the practical part of the training is conducted. With its special additional qualification program our vocational education and training meets the requirements of the European labour market. It is accompanied by a training phase abroad that has caught the attention of companies that operate in the German and European market. Within a short time students attain professional and business competences that will make it much easier for them to succeed in professional life.

As an alternative to entering into the job market, our close cooperation with the Academy for Business and Management Ltd. and the Private Fachhochschule Dresden – University of applied sciences offers many possibilities of continuous professional development. We are happy to say that our further education program and our range of courses are a useful benefit to the path of lifelong learning.

Training opportunities

Training opportunities

Our training is conducted in accordance to the German dual education and training system, i.e. at one of AFBB’s vocational schools and at our partner companies.

Our schools’ partnerships with companies, prior to and during schooling, are taking a more significant position in our work, in order to prepare students for the demands and requirements of the business world.

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Unsere Schulen in Dresden

Blasewitzer Straße 60 / Gasanstaltstraße 3-5 / Enderstraße 59 / Blochmannstraße 2